Provide unique physics based solutions to extract hidden information for novel applications.

What is Hidden Image Information?

  • The Contrast Threshold Function (CTF) of Human Eye is the minimum contrast and spatial frequency that a human can resolve. When showed a sinusoidal bar pattern with varying contrast (as in the image above) most people will only be able to resolve above some non linear line (looks like a swish). However a computer would be able to resolve all of the sinusoidal bars, it is only “hidden” at the lower contrast to humans.

  • Aaron Schock Spending Investigation used the GeoTags and time stamps hidden inside the image to look for fraud.  "Associated Press, for example, took the ingenious and laborious  approach of cross-referencing Schock's Instagram photos with  travel records." Wash Post, March 17th, 2015.

  • Using only publicly available images of the Trinity Test, physicist G.I Taylor was able to calculate the amount of energy released from this nuclear bomb.  He was ‘mildly admonished by the US Army for publishing his deductions from their (unclassified) photographs’.



Our Expertise



  • SAR

  • BiStatic Radar

  • MonoStatic Radar

  • Electro Optical: Visible, HSI

  • Thermal: SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR

  • LiDAR


Detection, Classification and Algorithm Exploration

Wide range of experiences on multiple different types of systems and exploitation.


Large Scale Automated Data and Processing

Ongoing Efforts


Mobile Sextant

For navigation in GPS denied environments.

Images are from a cellphone of the night sky in an urban environment. The image on the right shows a star map overlay done completely by matching the stars automatically detected in the sky.



Reconfigurable Measurement of remote assets.

An open proto-system developed using existing Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) sensors

  • Collects and records metadata (Example: position/orientation)

  • Design easily reconfigured for addition of new sensors

  • Additional sensors allow for collection of metadata, such as temperature, pressure, and/or humidity

  • Potential of reduction of man-hours due to automation of metadata collection

  • ~ $200 worth of electronics


Mutual Information Based Image Registration

DiDacTex’s team has proven experience registrating images from different sensors and sensing modes to produce a single referenced image for exploration.


What We offer

Subject Mater Experts (SME) in:

  • SAR, BiStatic and MonoStatic RADAR, EO and LiDAR

  • Detection, Classification and Algorithm Exploitation

  • X-Midas, C/C++, Fortran, LaTex, Matlab, Python, and JS

  • Human Performance

Customer Focused Solutions

  • We pay close attention to customer needs and security requirements and will work closely on-site with customer to build unique solutions that fit their needs.


  • Our team has decades of experience working with large diverse teams remotely and on-site.

Our Beginning

DiDacTex was founded to help customers learn to use the information within their image. DiDacTex, LLC was started by Evelyn J. Boettcher in 2014 focusing initially on customer specific solutions.   

DiDacTex is a play on the word Didactic which means to teach.


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