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Celestial & Solar Navigation Techniques Using a Smartphone

Unlike deduced (ded) reckoning, celestial triangulation does not rely on continuous monitoring of user movements.

  • Mimic a sextant to obtain a geographic fix by utilizing the phone's accelerometer and magnetometer sensors.  We integrate these sensors with the phone’s camera to obtain the necessary data needed to deduce user’s location.

  • Navigation techniques using commercial off the shelf (COTS) smartphone technology that can augment and cross-check GPS output.

  • Smartphones have the sensors and computational capability to perform both solar and celestial navigation with minimal burden and training placed on the user for acquisition of location during the day or night.



Unstructured Image and Video Exploitation- Photomongo

Automate the search withing a Twitter feed to search for a person via text and image. Scans a pre-defined set of “feeds” to look for a person and provide an emailed report at a user define interval.